Alexander Georgievich RADOV (VELSH) General Producer of OOO»Studio «Fishka-film»

He was born on 23 July 1940 in Leningrad. He graduated from the Moscow Automotive Engineering Institute (1963) and Postgraduate School of the Novosibirsk State University (1970). PhD in Philosophy: Applied Sociology. Until 1980 he worked as a senior researcher at the Institute of System Research of the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1979 to 1981. led the author’s cycle «Essence of business» at the Central television. Then he was an observer in the newspapers «Komsomolskaya pravda» and in the magazine «Ogonek». Member of the Writers’ Union, author of six books.
From 1991 to 1996. was a political observer of Russian television (VGTRK), supervised the studio «Nota bene», was the author and the host of the TV series «Entrepreneurship in Russia: to be or not to be?» «The Third Estate», «Waiting Hall», «Corruption», «Consilium», etc.
Since 1996 he has been the President of the independent non-profit TV company «World Russian Television». Since 1997 he has been the Director General of the TV company «Life».
Since 2002 he has been the general producer of «Fishka-film» Studio.

Producer of the following documentary films and programmes:
– «Historical Investigations»
– «There is an axe in the river» (18 films from 26 ), 1996-1997.
– «Adventurers of the XX Century» (6 films on 39 ) by order of the TV channel «Culture». 2001.
– «Portraits of the epoch» (6 films by 44 ) by order of the TV channel «Russia», 2001-2003.
– TV documentary novel «Tradanya» (8 episodes on 26 ) by order of the TV channel «Culture», 2003.
– «More than love» (39 ) by order of the TV channel «Culture», 1996-… gg.
– Seduced by the Soviet Country (5 films on 39 ) by order of the TV channel «Culture», 2008.

Author of the videos:
– «Cloud», 1996 by order of RTR (26 )
– «Army and Country», (Israel), 1997 by order of RTR (52 )
– «The Right to Life», 1997, commissioned by RTR (52 )
– «Residence permit», 2003 by order of RTR (2 films of 52 )
– «Frog in milk», 2004. (52 ).

Academician of the International Academy of Television and Radio (MATR).